Purchase My Beauty Secret for Hair and Skin

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Jade’s Beauty Secret

It leaves your hair soft and shiny, and reduces frizz without weighing down your strands. On your face, Marula oil is nourishing. It’s ideal for sensitive skin, dehydrated skin, stretch marks, scar tissue, and sun damaged skin.

Our First Product is Marula Oil  for Men, Women and Children.

Marula is a rare, natural oil with powerful properties to benefit the hair and skin. Extracted from the nuts of the Marula tree, this lightweight oil has been used for different purposes. It has been a part of numerous beauty rituals for centuries, used to protect the hair and skin for men, women and children.

Marula oil is multipurpose. It’s been used to boost cellular activity, help build collagen, protect against environmental toxins, and repair the skin and hair.


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